Mission Statement


The Passaic Public Library exists to provide resources and services to fulfill information needs for everyday living and recreation, and for educational and cultural pursuits. The library makes available these resources and services to the citizens of Passaic, to surrounding communities, and to New Jersey and the United States at large. The library subscribes to the principles of intellectual freedom and endeavors to provide materials and information which reflects all points of view. The library serves people of all ages, at all levels of comprehension, and at all levels of need, with access to and assistance in using its materials and services through the medium of a trained and caring staff, effectiveness in the use of current technology and in providing inviting and functional facilities.


The Passaic Public Library is established to achieve the following goals and objectives.

  1. To assemble, arrange, in usable form, and make available to the citizens of all ages a collection of print and non-print library materials.
  2. To assist the citizens in the use of the library collections according to the needs or interests arising from one or more of their roles as individuals, man, woman, or child, student, researcher, worker, business person or parent.
  3. To bring to the citizen who is shut-in, disabled, or remote from service points selected library materials through a mobile library service.
  4. To view the library role broadly as one of communication, whether it be through the collections or through the presentation of cultural programs and activities.
  5. To continually seek to become aware of the current national developments in library service so as to consider their applicability to the Passaic Public Library.
  6. To assemble information and materials on legislation, planning, and other aspects of government that will aid the work of the City Administration, the City Council, and City Departments.
  7. To work with other libraries, librarians and library trustees for the improvement of library services in New Jersey, thereby bettering service to Passaic.
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